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What is the benefit of a CT-Scan?


The placement of implants requires an experienced surgeon as well as thorough pre-operative planning to minimise the risk of nerve or sinus injuries. The CT-Scan produces a 3-dimensional image of the anatomical area in which, for example, dental implants can be placed. That will allow the surgeon to plan the precise location of the implants.  A surgical drilling guide can be produced based on the CT-Scan using special software like ‘SimPlant’ or ‘NobelGuide’.

3-D Image with simulated implants and crowns. Note the yellow line which represents the inferior-alveolar nerve.



What is a CT-Scan?

While an ordinary X-ray produces a 2-dimensional image a Cone Beam CT-Scan “slices” the 2-dimensional image to create “cross-sectional” images


Do I need to worry about Radiation?